Essential Oil Uses and Blends: 
My Oil Selection Book
by Amanda Cuda & Bex Beltran
Essential Oil Journal
Your Personal Oil Collection Journal and Recipe Notebook and Wishlist

A notebook for keeping track of how you use your oils and how you care for yourself. Create your own personalized blends and recipes. Track your collection and note the oils you still wish for.

Plenty of space to note how, when, and why you use the oils that work best for you, take notes, and make plans for your next oils.

This notebook reminds you to ask yourself how you are feeling and what remedies are best for you.

Use this book to observe and remember the best oils and combinations for you.

The 8 sections of this book include:

  • Essential Oils 101
  • My Oil Collection
  • Emotional Healing
  • Creating your own DIYs
  • Blends and Recipe Pages
  • Diffuser Blends Pages
  • Wishlist Section
  • Lined Notes Pages
This book is perfect for so many reasons:

  • It makes a great gift for someone just starting their oil rituals and routines
  • It gives you something to refer back to and make notes in about the oils you love and want to try
  • It gives you the chance to consider and select the perfect oil based on exactly what you are experiencing
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