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Programs we have available:

Love your Gut

Are you looking for more clarity, Less foggy-ness, more energy, a Healthier gut, Liver support, better skin, amazing Thicker and longer hair, and Strong and longer nails?

Emotional Clearing

An amazing journey of emotional clearing and manifesting abundance....to help create a beautiful, joyous, abundant future and to create a self-care ritual and so much more

Sleep Better

An amazing journey of peace, tranquility, less stress and better sleep... to help create a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere and to create a self care ritual and so much more.

Great Day Protocol

A journey like no other... to help create a strong, resilient mindset, develop a sense of community and higher unity and to create a self care ritual and so much more...

Fun & Fabulous

Our most 🎉FUN🎉 journey yet....isn't it time we had some fun AND be fabulous at the same time...

Adrenal Love 

Love on your adrenals and support your hormones! This simple and easy program is life-changing!

Lymphatic Cleanse

Cleanse your cells of toxins and boost your Lymphatic system.

Personalized Program

Looking for personalized support. We can work to put a custom plan together just for you!
Ready to wake up and thrive every day?
Let's get you looking and feeling your best (and make it stick!) in just 30days.

In our programs, you'll

  • Set the stage for lasting change by digging deep and gaining clarity on what you really need to work on to finally feel at your peak

  • Learn daily practices, simple recipes (that you can actually use as a busy women), and more

  • Learn how to kick toxicity to the curb in all areas of your life, better manage stress and keep yourself on track for positive change.

  • Raise your vibrational frequency, and get your goals in place for taking your transformation to the next level!
PLUS: get ebooks, a support group, DOABLE daily to-do's and all my secrets
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Hey there! I'm SO glad you found me!

I'm Amanda. I help driven, soul-centered people like you regain confidence, energy and live a vibrant life.

I didn't arrive here easily, though.

For years, I felt helpless inside my own body.... Even as I was learning how to integrate more holistic and “crunchy” habits into my life, I was still struggling daily...

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