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Hi Friends!

As we bid farewell to February, we're not only saying goodbye to another month; we're welcoming an incredible opportunity to infuse your home with the essence of wellness and joy.

A Farewell to Candles, A Welcome to Wellness

For today only, February 29th,2024, Young Living is offering exclusive discounts on our most beloved blends, diffusers, and select single oils. It's a rare opportunity to stock up on favorites or discover new scents that will become staples in your wellness routine.

Candles have their charm, but nothing compares to the purity, potency, and variety of aromas you can experience with essential oils and diffusers. This flash sale is your chance to say a cheerful goodbye to conventional candles and embrace a healthier, more vibrant way to scent your home.

From diffusers as low as $17, to select oils & collections being 20%, this is a sale you don’t want to miss! 

Let’s break it all down!

Collage of oils and dewdrop diffuser

20%Off simplified collections

Embrace the essence of each season with the Simplified by Jacob + Kait collections, meticulously curated to bring harmony, joy, and the perfect aromatic backdrop to your cherished moments.

Save 20% on:
◾ Summer Collection (Item No. 41094)
◾ Fall Collection (Item No. 42032)
◾ Cozy Cabin blend (Item No. 39625)
◾Candy Cane blend (Item No. 39628)
◾ Winter Spa blend (Item No. 39496)
◾ Pink Champagne blend (Item No. 39528)

Collage of Simplified Collections

Select diffusers starting at $17
Save on diffusers, starting at only $17:

◾ Feather the Owl Diffuser ($19 wholesale/$22.37 retail/5 PV)
◾ Snowy the Owl Diffuser ($19 wholesale/$22.37 retail/5 PV)
◾ Lantern Diffuser ($19 wholesale/$22.37 retail/5 PV)
◾ Dewdrop Diffuser ($17 wholesale/$22.37 retail/5 PV)
◾ AromaLux Diffuser ($35 wholesale/$46.05 retail/5 PV)

Collage of diffusers that are on sale

Special Bulk Offer: Elevate every room with additional discounts on bulk diffuser purchases. More diffusers mean more wellness spread throughout your home. Buy six or more Dewdrop Diffusers and unlock an extra 50 percent off each diffuser. Or mix and match six Feather the Owl, Snowy the Owl, Lantern, and/or AromaLux Diffusers for an extra 25 percent off each already-discounted diffuser. 

20%Off select oils and blends
Replenish your collection or explore new scents with 20% off select essentials, including the seasonal must-have, Christmas Spirit, available for the last time this year.

Save 20% on:
  • Christmas Spirit, 5 ml (Item No. 3356)
  • Clarity, 5 ml (Item No. 33580)
  • Clove, 5 ml (Item No. 3320)
  • Joy, 5 ml (Item No. 3371)
  • Lemongrass, 15 ml
  • Lime, 15 ml (Item No. 3074)
  • Patchouli, 5 ml (Item No. 3570) 
  • Peppermint, 15 ml (Item No. 3614)
  • Pine, 5 ml (Item No. 3612)
  • Raven, 5 ml (Item No. 3415)
  • R.C., 15 ml (Item No. 3405)
  • Stress Away, 15 ml (Item No. 4630)
  • Thieves, 5 ml (Item No. 5197)
Collage of oils + christmas spirit
These exclusive offers are available for one-time orders and first-time loyalty orders in the US market only, ensuring that everyone has the chance to experience the joy and transformation that Young Living products bring.

Please note, loyalty points cannot be used for sale purchases, but don't let that hold you back! The savings on offer more than make up for it, providing unparalleled value on some of our most cherished blends, diffusers, and single oils. Whether you're stocking up on favorites or exploring new scents to brighten your spaces, now is the perfect time to enhance your essential oil journey.

This flash sale is your moment to replace candles with the clean, therapeutic power of essential oils, to elevate your home with the serene glow of our unique diffusers, and to embrace the seasons with the exquisite artistry of the Jacob & Kait collections. But hurry—these savings are as fleeting as February's final days, valid from February 27 at 9 a.m., MT, until February 29 at 11:59 p.m., MT.

Don't miss this chance to enrich your life and home with the essence of Young Living. Shop now and let the transformative power of essential oils illuminate your world. 

Coming soon, I will share more details about the upcoming Bi-Annual Young Living Day on April 6, 2024. We've called it the Spring Wellness Event - Renew your Energy. 

Enjoy the sale!