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At Young Living, we believe in empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being through the power of essential oils and plant-based products. Starting your journey with us means joining a community dedicated to natural wellness, education, and support. Here’s how you can begin:

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Why Choose Young Living?

  • Premium Quality: Our Seed to Seal® commitment ensures that every product is pure and potent.
  • Community Support: Join a global community of wellness enthusiasts and experts.
  • Holistic Approach: Embrace a lifestyle that integrates physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

How to Start

1. Create an Account: Just like Amazon, you can start by creating a free account - Click here

2. Place your first orderJust like Amazon, you can order one, two, three, or as many products as you like. However, we have some special discounted Bundles to get you started. These bundles will immediately give you access to 24% off sitewide! Scroll down to see Amanda's Favorites, or click here to see them all.

3. Become a Loyalty Member (optional - but the best value): Instead of a Subscription, where you order the same thing every month, you might choose the Loyalty Order option, which is a monthly order, with a 50PV minimum spend (approx 50USD), and you can customize your order, and order different products each month. Just update your Loyalty Order Template before your order ships. You can cancel anytime. 

Spend 100PV plus to get 24% off site wide!

DECIDE on your Ordering Option

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Customize your order

The collections are the best value, but you can also get the member 24% discount or place a loyalty order by customizing your order. 

To do so, you just need to make sure you reach 100PV in your cart.

Enter your personal information to complete your checkout. 
Enter an Enroller ID 1360681 to become a part of Amanda's tribe and support community.

You can revisit this site to manage your account, your loyalty orders,
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