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The 14 Day reset helps to support your body with: 
- Ningxia Red antioxidant juice 
- Increasing your hydration 
- Choosing a clean eating plan
 - Accountability 
- Committing to 30 min/ day of moving 
- Private Facebook Group 
- Printouts / Posts and Video resources

What is Ninxia Red? 

Harnessing the benefits from the wolfberry and other botanical besties, NingXia Red is a whole food nutrient that contains powerful antioxidant fighting properties. Antioxidants help to fight off free radicals, which can break down your system. Overall wellness and nutritional support is key and the drive behind this delicious tasting supplement. 

NingXia Red is formulated from exotic fruits such as the NingXia Wolfberry and infused with essential oils. This wonderful supplement supports normal cellular function, eye health and prevents deterrents due to oxidative stress. Fortify, Energize and Revitalize!

The top ten reasons for drinking NingXia Red daily:
1. Improves memory 
2. Increase energy and stamina 
3. Restores healthy sexual function (Guys pair this with YL prostate support supplement. Function is one thing but best wellness practices and regular screening for prostate cancer should be high on your health list!) 
4. Maintain healthy cholesterol and healthy blood sugar levels 
5. Combat premature aging 
6. Improve digestion
7. Promote bowel regularity 
8. Improve immune system 
9. Support healthy sleep 
10. Support optimal vision