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Elevate Your Holistic Journey to Thriving: Amanda's Vibrant Wellness Hub

Empower Your Well-Being: Explore holistic wisdom and modern insights to transform your mind, body, and soul, guided by Amanda's expertise.

Unlock Inner Resilience:
Learn to navigate life's challenges with grace, adopting a mindset of empowerment and inner strength.

Nourish from Within: Embrace the nourishing power of whole foods, essential oils, and mindful practices for vibrant health.

Personal Growth Pathways: Dive into actionable strategies for self-care, personal development, and empowered decision-making.

Elevate Every Dimension: Discover how to elevate not just your health, but your relationships, mindset, and overall quality of life.

Welcome to Amanda's Vibrant Wellness Hub, where expert guidance paves the way for your transformation from surviving to thriving. Uncover the keys to holistic well-being, resilience, and personal growth, and embark on a journey of self-discovery that transcends boundaries, nourishes your essence, and unlocks a life of vitality and fulfillment.

Hi, I'm Amanda!

From corporate struggle to health transformation, I know what it's like to wake up every day feeling unwell. But everything changed when I discovered the power of daily rituals and simple tools.

I tried countless methods to improve my health, including popular diet programs. But I hit a plateau and couldn't understand why. That's when a holistic doctor recommended a food allergy test, and I discovered that the very food I was consuming was causing me issues!

My health was a mess - from food intolerances to scoliosis, IBS, psoriasis, anxiety, weak immunity, and iron deficiency. I was constantly battling sickness and pain, seeking relief but finding none.

Then, my mum introduced me to essential oils and essential oil-infused products. They transformed my life, bringing me pain relief, a toxin-free environment, improved health, balanced hormones and weight, and boundless energy.

I am so grateful for the supportive community I've built on this health journey. And now, I empower women with the tools and rituals they need to navigate everyday life, conquer overwhelm, and nourish their mind, body, and soul. When you feel nourished, you're ready to embrace each day with renewed energy and enthusiasm and unleash your full potential.

My mission is to empower women to embrace lives of thriving well-being and empowerment, as I am committed to propelling individuals toward futures filled with vitality. Through a fusion of holistic wisdom, expert guidance, and personalized strategies, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential. I aspire to be your trusted partner on your journey, equipping you with the tools to nourish your core, ignite your passions, and create a life that resonates with vibrant energy and purpose.

Here’s How I Can Support You:

Explore a range of tailored options to jumpstart your well-being journey. From enlightening discovery calls and personalized wellness scans to empowering educational classes and events, we've got the tools to help you thrive.

Get Your Freebie

Discover the hidden secrets you were never told. Uncover 7 steps to break barriers and achieve holistic well-being, unlocking the path to your health goals. 

Wellness Discovery Call

Experience a complimentary discovery call to connect with me and explore how we can journey together towards your well-being goals. Let's uncover if we're the perfect fit for your transformational path. 

Zyto Wellness Scans

 Zyto link simplifies this process by gathering key information from the body in a matter of seconds. 

The scan combines facial blood-flow analysis with biomarker and product responses to provide a wealth of information about your health and wellness. 

What others are saying!

Amanda's exceptional expertise in addressing health concerns and her empowering wellness classes have transformed my understanding. Her unwavering support is a true blessing for me, my family, and my clients.


Amanda is the one person that has quick info on how to incorporate overall healthy living.  I love how she finds ways to figure things out even for your chosen dietary lifestyle and needs. She's a true example of practicing what she teaches.

- Maricel Gritzmacher

Before I met Amanda, I was already using essential oils. After I spent time in Amanda’s educational classes and demonstrations, I am not just using the oils – I am incorporating them so much in my daily life. I use them on my clients as a sound facilitator with great success. I create room sprays that have unique cleansing and clearing abilities. I am a Vegan Chef for a living, so using the vitality essential oils in my cooking has been a key flavor enhancer for many of my recipes. I am so grateful for Amanda’s knowledge and passion for the oils – it’s really changed my life and quality of work.

- Frances Star Graham
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