Amanda's Survival to Thriving Story
Coming from a corporate background, I know firsthand what it's like to have to get up every day for a job when you don't feel good for multiple health reasons!! When I started creating daily rituals using simple tools, my health and world changed!

'I felt like I tried everything, and nothing worked'.

In my mid-20s I started to pile on the weight, it was gradual, and then one day I was out with friends, and photos were taken and I thought wow, that's a lot of weight that accumulated over time. 

A couple of years later, my cousin was getting married and I was a bridesmaid. I really wanted to lose some weight and tried one of the most mainstream diet programs on the market, where they make the food for you (I hated cooking). 

I was excited to lose several pounds, but then I plateaued and didn't know why. A friend of my Mum told us about a holistic Doctor, and as I was starting to have other health conditions at the time, I went along to see him. He referred me to get a food allergy test, which turned out that the food I was buying through the diet program, didn't agree with me!

Not only did I have food intolerances, but I was always in pain from my scoliosis, with several ailments including IBS and Psoriasis. Plus those anxious feelings were increasing often! I had a weak immune system and an Iron deficiency. My health was a mess, I was always sick and in pain.

I would see doctor after doctor and would try anything I could get my hands on. 'I felt like I tried everything, and nothing worked'.

With the support of my mum and by her recommendation, I was introduced to essential oils and essential oil-infused products, which enabled me to live a pain-free life, create a toxin-free environment for myself, tackle my health issues, stabilize my hormones/weight, and have abundant energy to take on the world. 

I am blessed to have created a community of friendly, caring, and supportive people, who help each other on their health journeys. And now, I also love to cook!

Today I equip women with daily rituals using simple tools, that they can use to cope with everyday life, to overcome overwhelm, and nourish their minds, body, and souls. 

Because when you feel nourished, you’re ready to tackle the day and take on the world.


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