The off button for negative mental chatter

The off button for negative mental chatter
I feel like I was like any other ambitious 17-year-old, finishing high school, getting ready to leave the nest, and getting ready to leave my mark in the world. When we're 17, we look at the adults in our lives, and think, it really can't be hard adulting, not sure why they are struggling with it. 

A true naive teenager. 

Coming from a smaller country town, I moved to a much bigger city, an hour away from the capital city of my state. It was big enough to adjust to city living, but without the crazy of a major city. By the time I moved to the capital city, after a 2-year relationship breakdown, I was struggling to find a job. 

Studying was no longer an option for me, it was expensive to live in the city, and I had been working since I left school, so living a student lifestyle wasn't for me. After having several temporary jobs, I finally landed a full-time job and I was excited to make a steady income. 

The job was going well, but a year into it, things started to happen to my body, things that I just couldn't understand. My heart was racing, my chest was pounding, and I felt lightheaded, easily fatigued, and disconnected from reality. 

I went to the doctor who prescribed me a prescription drug that is known for sleep and calming effects. I took the drug per my doctor's advice, and it made me feel horrible. When I woke up in the morning, I had that groggy hangover feeling without the nauseous side effects. This drug made me feel worse than my current symptoms. 

The world we live in, with government policies, the fast food industry, and western medical models, aren't really designed to support our physical and mental well-being. 

For 8 years, I struggled on and off with feeling anxious, and by the time I was 24 years old, I gave in and started taking anti-depressants. They were horrible to adjust to. I felt agitated, shaky, sick, confused, dizzy, had headaches, and still anxious!!! I was told to continue taking them, my brain chemistry is just readjusting and those side effects would disappear. 

By the time I was 29 years old, my health was a mess!! Even though I was taking natural supplements from the pharmacy, my health was not getting any better! I had psoriasis all over my skin, my hormones were unbalanced, I was piling on the weight, I had been dealing with back pain from scoliosis, and my mental health was NOT in good shape.

I always felt like my mind would just replay scenarios over and over in my head, the same situation on repeat on what someone had done to me. My brain would be obsessed with a situation, and I just didn't know how to turn it off. 

My dear Mum was always looking for solutions to help me, especially when it came to relief from scoliosis back pain. And when I was 29, she was so excited to tell me she found the answer to all my problems. 

It was a technique she learned about through a Practitioner friend of hers. Mum found out that she knew a practitioner that lived 10mins from my house. 

I was skeptical, I didn't think there was anything that would relieve my back pain. I had seen physiotherapists, chiropractors, and scoliosis specialists. When I learned about the non-invasive feature like massage technique called Raindrop Technique, I didn't think it would work. Finally, after a few months of Mum telling me to try it, I caved, and it was the first time in 15 years that I wasn't in pain. 

I also noticed that my emotional health started to shift. The practitioner I was seeing also offered another technique that dealt with emotions. The Emotional Clearing Technique. After a few months of having Raindrop Technique, I asked her if I could book in for the emotional one. 

That one session was truly life-changing and transformational. It felt like the first time in my life, that the 'off switch to my brain was pushed. It was the first time in my life, that I felt at peace.

It's quite amazing because our traumas and emotions are stored in the limbic region of our brain, and the best ways to access these emotions is through our sense of smell. 

When using the right essential oils, you are able to help move through emotions, traumas, and blocks. 

I used the essential oils to support me to get off anti-depressants, a very slow, very manageable process. And I even decided to get out of my corporate job. I was done with toxic environments, as the world of true natural health was opening up to me. 

I became a practitioner in the Raindrop Technique and Emotional Clearing Technique, so I to could help people manage and move through their physical and emotional pain.

Today, I equip busy business women with daily rituals using simple tools, that they can use to cope with everyday life, to overcome overwhelm, and to nourish their minds, body, and souls. Because when you feel nourished, you’re ready to tackle the day and take on the world. 

I would love to help you and equip you with the tools needed so that you can take what I've learned through these techniques and practice them on yourself without having to send thousands of dollars to see a practitioner. 

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